10 | Project 83

POLA_ex1 | blue tulip flowers

POLA_ex2 | red head man

Project 83

Stuttgart/Munich DE | 1983/2023


Experimental images from 1983 which get its fascination throughout the unique process of creation. The flowers and a portrait as a classic subject in painting and photography was just the starting point of an exciting creative journey. It was a complete manual process that transforms these classical subjects in images which are breaking the borders between photography and painting. They are unique pieces of art and cannot be redone with the equal result.

I like the imperfection and roughness of the images in contrast to digital cleanness that we can see in most of todays photography. This was the reason to digitize them in high resolution and print them in great scale. The results are showing incredible details you could not see on the original small sized Polaroids. It was some kind of an archaeological surprise that increase my fascination for these images.


The step-by-step process:

Pictures were taken on Kodak Ektachrome 64 slide film.

Slides were enlarged in the darkroom on Polaroid SX-70 film.

The Polaroid developer paste was spread over the Polaroid films with a roller by hand.

The unique aesthetic was created by the way I moved and pressed the roller on the surface of the Polaroid films.

The Polaroid were digitized 2023 in high resolution to get the photo more detailed and its even more impressing than in its original size .


Explore the cropped image below!


Standard format per picture 100.0 x 101.2 cm | UltraHD Photo paper on alu-dibond covered by glossy perspex with a narrow silver aluminum edge.

Purchase prices on request. Limited to 10 copies of each motif.