09 | Triple Six

autofocus failure in high resolution | Triple Six - complete Installation

autofocus failure in high resolution

Munich DE | 2011


Three randomly and blurred photos of different views and objects from a room are put together vertically. These triples were arranged horizontally in a maximum of six columns. Finally the result is a sequence of images that leads to a new and different reality.


Standard format of individual images 30.0 x 20.0 cm | Photo paper glossy on Alu-Dibond with narrow wooden frame in white.

Other formats and purchase prices for the individual Triple A-F on request. Each triple is limited to 10 pieces, regardless of size.

In total each triple consists of three images.


A complete installation with 18 images (Triple Six | complete installation) is available in 30cm x 20cm per single image and limited to only 5 copies.

autofocus failure in high resolution | all six triples as separate images (A to F)